KINAN Cycling Teamは、医療・介護関係者、そして新型コロナウイルス感染症に立ち向かう方々に感謝と敬意を表し、「Clap for Carers(クラップ・フォー・ケアラーズ)」を実施します。



6月2日に配信した動画では、KINAN Cycling Teamに所属する選手・スタッフがそれぞれの環境から拍手を送りました。

KINAN Cycling Teamは、これらの方々に感謝と敬意を込めて、心からの拍手を送ります。
選手代表 山本元喜 挨拶


English version
Thanks clap to everyone who confronts COVID-19.
"#ClapforCarers" from KINAN Cycling Team.
KINAN Cycling Team will carry out the "Clap for Carers" in appreciation and respect for those involved in medical care, nursing care, and those who are confronted with the COVID-19.

Clap for Careers is an effort to give claps to the medical and nursing care workers and other essential workers.

Currently, the world is gradually declaring emergencies, releasing lockdowns, stepping out self-restraint such as going out / events, etc., and the cycle sports world has just begun to move to various places to resume activities.
The everyday is returning little by little, but it is because of the work of the essential workers who continue to fight at the front lines to prevent the spread of infection regardless of risk.
Our team wanted to thank everyone who saves their lives around the world.

In the video delivered on June 2, the riders and staff of KINAN Cycling Team gave applause from their respective environments.
The composition is completed with the wish of "from small clap to a big one".
For the time being, we would like to clap even at the small events held by the team, and to really increase the circle of thanks.

Thanks to the people who continue fighting to prevent the spread of infection, and everyone who cooperated with the voluntary restraint of the activity, the team is ready to resume its activity.
KINAN Cycling Team would like to extend appreciation and respect to these people.
Message from Genki YAMAMOTO, rider.
We would like to thank all the medical staff and welfare personnel who are working hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The declaration of emergency has been lifted, and everyday is gradually returning to the forefront of medical and welfare while bearing the risk of infection, preventing the spread of infection for us and supporting our lives. Thanks to everyone.

We would like to give claps with gratitude to all who save lives.
Thank you very much.
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